Why not learn from our expertise here at Reilly Concrete Pumping. In our fully CITB accredited training & test centre the ‘Concrete Pump Operator Test Centre’ (CPOTC).

Essential information for operators regarding the CPCS scheme, please refer to the ‘CS Scheme Booklet for Operators’ downloadable on the CITB’s web site, www.citb.co.uk

Course Elements:
a. Classroom theory sessions (for novice to experienced re-fresher)
b. Practical Training sessions (for novice to the more experienced)
c. Oral theory tests
d. Practical On-site tests

  • Plant Operator Training and Testing: ICT Courses – NVQL2

    The centre offers both training and testing delivered by our fully accredited and experienced instructors. We offer courses for people at all levels: from operators with little or no experience, too experienced and fully competent operators just looking to refresh their knowledge.

  • CPCS – Construction Plant Competence Scheme

    CPCS is the most recognised card scheme for the plant industry and aims to keep a record of workers in the construction industry who have achieved a recognised level of ability and competence. The card scheme is an ideal way to provide a means of identification. It also aims to raise health safety and environmental standards through a programme of Health and Safety testing to prove workers have met minimum standards.

  • Categories of Training Offered

    Trained Plant Categories:

    A06 – Truck Mounted Boom Concrete Pump
    A44 – Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
    A72 – Static Concrete Placing Boom (All Sizes)

    Before any training or tests can take place, a candidate must pass the CITB’s Health Safety and Environment test. Information on taking the test is available on the CITB’s website.

  • Trained Operator Card

    Course Elements

    a. Classroom theory sessions (novice/familiarisation only)
    b. Practical training/learning sessions (novice/familiarisation only)
    c. Practical training/learning sessions (novice/familiarisation only)
    d. Standard On-site Practical test

    A (Red) trained operator card once achieved, is valid for 2 years. This is a card for operators first entering the CITB scheme. The next step is to achieve a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in the chosen plant category.

  • Competent Operator Card

    Upgrading from a (Red) ‘Trained Operator’ card to a (Blue) ‘Competent Operator’ card, the operator needs to complete a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) relevant to category of plant. The NVQ criteria and process can be explained by your assessor was registered to the Training centre.

    Once you have obtained a blue ‘Competent Operator’ Card, this is valid for 5 years.

    Renewing your Blue Card, Firstly you must have passed the CITB’s Health Safety and Environmental touch screen test within the last 2 years of the renewal application being submitted. You must then complete the CPCS ‘renewal test (theory based) in the chosen category. Finally you need to demonstrate ongoing practical experience via either a completion of a:

    a. CPCS practical test
    b. On-site assessment
    c. Completed at least 300 hours signed and acknowledged in a logbook

    All the aforementioned has to be signed off by a CPCS accredited validator.